Join us, build sh*t that matters

We’re a team of experts who care about each other and the impact our work has. We create stuff that would make your mom proud - things like the software running the elections of Myanmar.

Our culture: trust

  • Give a sh*t. We’re passionate about our craft and what we work on.

  • Get things done. We move fast in quick experiments, building on our failures and successes.

  • Share. Most of what we do and believe is public, the rest is accessible to our whole team.

  • Play nice. We assume the people we work with are well intentioned and capable.

  • Be skeptical. Anything we do or use can be improved, changed or dropped. Speak out.

  • Lean & Agile. We work in small independent teams, strongly aligned on common goals.

Some of the perks...

  • Healthy snacks 🍎

    You need fuel to keep you going. Consider our kitchen your kitchen.

  • Free lunch Friday 🍚

    Treat yo’self with lunch on the company, it’s the perfect way to end the week.

  • Awesome gear 🖥

    Whatever you need to get sh*t done: an ergonomic chair or the latest Macbook.

  • Level up 💯

    We’re T-shaped and will help you get there if you’re not; books, classes, you name it.

  • Flexible working hours ⏰

    Not a morning person? Come in late: as long as you get things done, we don’t mind.

  • Gym subscription & Health check 💪

    We want our colleagues to be healthy and alert; we’ll pay for you to stay in top shape.

  • Transportation allowance 🚕

    Not everybody lives close the office. We’ll help you get around town.

  • Yearly company retreat ✈️

    We take the whole off-site for a week (ish) every year. Think Prague or Thailand.

  • Extra vacations and Remote work ⛱

    Need some time to recharge? Work remotely or grab some extra days off.

  • More about our benefits →

And now... (Drum roll) The jobs!

Backend Developer Engineering Berlin, Shanghai
Design Director Design Berlin, Shanghai
DevOps engineer DevOps Berlin, Shanghai
Front-end Developer Engineering Berlin, Shanghai
Magento Freelancer Marketing Shanghai
Marketing Intern Marketing Shanghai
Mobile Developer Engineering Shanghai
Project Manager Project Management Shanghai
Quality Assurance Intern Project Management Shanghai
Sysadmin DevOps Berlin, Shanghai
Web & Mobile Designer Design Shanghai