What is this?

The recruitment repo helps us coordinate work around… recruiting people at Wiredcraft:

  1. This README.md holds the high level schedules and best practices for our recruitment strategy.
  2. The code should be a collection of job ads (and other job marketing collaterals), in differents formats (HTML with <a ref=> and <strong> removed for Craigslist and markdown for reddit…) and in different languages. It should also help coordinating translation efforts.
  3. The issue queue is mostly used to collect job applications (but may also contain some issues related to job marketing).

How to prepare evaluation task

Todo: fill details

  1. Prepare
  2. Send task with email: Link to evaluation task template
  3. Keep communicating with candidate to make sure they are not blocked.
  4. Evaluate his work and report in the issue comments for the candidate.

When to post job ads?


Weekly on Monday


If you know a platform we aren’t utilizing, please create a ticket and assign it to Claire or Katie.

How to process job applications

Work quickly. If you like a candidate you can write why in the ticket but take action and organize a first call with yourself, or organize with the senior staff.

Once the first call is done but your evaluation in the ticket and proceed to task if we like the candidate.

Follow up with the candidate during the process, ensure that they have the link to the public slack channel.

Evaluate the task and discuss hiring.

How to manage translations (for job ads)

We currently have translations for five positions that are pertinent to the Shanghai Office in this repo under Job name.cn.md. To request a job add be translated in Chinese please create a ticket and assign Claire and provide a date you need the translation by.