Design Director

Join us as senior pixel tamer

Enough with the BS design tasks

You’ve mastered the tao of CSS, SASS, Sketch and HTML5. You can whip out a UI for an app blindfolded, with one hand on the back on an iPad. You doodle your way through a Moleskine a day. You meditation consists of coffee and checking out HN, Dribbble or Designer News.

Problem is, you’re stuck at your current job:

  • You keep on being asked to build small, crappy, 10-pages websites.
  • You spend your day making the logo bigger for clients who don’t know diddly squat about design.
  • The dev team is as friendly as a hangovered Chuck Norris and doesn’t care about your opinion.
  • Or better yet, you don’t have a job.

What you deserve as a designer

  1. More responsibilities: your job doesn’t end at Sketch or Illustrator. Your input should be sought through the whole design and development process.
  2. Work that actually means something, building products that solve real problems (aka not another “Yo app”).
  3. The opportunity (and time) to improve your craft and acquire new skills, may this be programming complex data visualizations with D3.js or foosball.

We want somebody who is…

  • Wicked smart,
  • Understands UI + UX,
  • Can come up with a decent design on his or her own,
  • Can prototype stuff with HTML/CSS,
  • Eager to learn (a lot),
  • Not afraid of leading and getting sh*t done.