Front-end Developer

Help our team build front-end apps

Are you stuck with old, sh*tty tech at work?

You desperately want to play with the cool new things; React, GraphQL, Redux… You patiently wait to be back home to actually play with WebRTC, Elm or the latest library you spotted on Hacker News.

At work, you’re stuck with some good ol’ spaghetti code written in jQuery (if you’re lucky) that must work with older browsers. You actually spend a fair amount of your time shooting in the dark, hoping you’ll fix the latest build for Internet Explorer.

You could be doing cool stuff, why bother?

Why the heck are you staying at that job? You could be working with our awesome team:

  1. Using the latest tech: React, Webpack, Redux or whatever else works for you. Our team is always experimenting with new things and open to change when it makes sense. For example, we started looking into React in 2013 and we recently built desktop apps with Electron. We also use and abuse Docker.
  2. Opportunities to contribute back to Open Source. Most of us are contributing back to projects, sending PR or simply publishing our own side projects. We also organize meetups and conferences, like JSConf China (over 650+ people showed up this year).
  3. Building cool things; we build really impressive things for the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN… And when we’re not busy doing Big data work for USAID or building the next generation of mobile apps for the Chinese market for a global player in Food & Beverage industry, we work on our own products (,, SweepBoard, ClassyDocs…).

Who are we looking for?

We’d like to find somebody who:

  • Loves working with Javascript (duh!). We do a humongous amount of work with node.js, React and… Silverlight. Just kidding.
  • Is half decent at designing UI/UX on your own. We have our sh*t together when it comes to designing products, but we sometimes need people ot improvise without the help of a designer.
  • Likes to learn and experiment. There’s rarely a dull moment at the office, we’re constantly trying out new tools and framework. If you like to learn and grow your skills, you’ll love working with us.
  • Is a team player and comfortable working with Github. We’re increasingly distributed, with offices in Berlin, Washington DC and Shanghai. We’re a no-nonsense type of team; we invest heavily in asynchronous communications with GitHub and let actions speak for themselves.
  • Has solid skills, regardless of the background We focus heavily on your skills and how you can get things done. While good experience and education can be beneficial they are not a requirement. We currently have open positions for junior as well as senior developers.