Marketing Intern

Come join the cool kids!

Looking for a marketing job that doesn’t suck?

You’ve slaved away all year long working on assignments that are a thousand miles away from the reality of the market. Your teachers trained you for a gazillion different things, half of which you’ll never use in your professional life (the other half will most likely be outdated in a couple years).

You’re now looking for an opportunity to work on real stuff, skimming through internship ads. And a lot of it starting to sound like you’ll be stuck shoveling through tons of low level, boring tasks that nobody else wants to deal with. Until now!

Here is what we have to offer

  1. Actual responsibilities. No, fetching coffee & doughnuts, or manually updating a thousand rows in an Excel spreadsheet doesn’t qualify. You want to weigh in on decisions and make an actual contribution to the work your team is pulling through.
  2. Work that actually means something, working on products that solve real problems (aka not another “Yo app”).
  3. The opportunity (and time) to experiment and learn. You want to learn how to get results, that means experimenting with tools and tricks, failing a few times (or often) and having the freedom to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Your main responsibilities

  • CMS focused work, you will be responsible for updating website content, structure, layout etc. for prestigious clients
  • SEO focused work, you will be researching keywords and user search trends to improve SEO performance using Baidu Tongji and Google Analytics (Yes, we have unlimited VPN access)
  • You will also learn how to become a scrum master, an event organizer and most importantly a Marketing Ninja

We’re looking for somebody who is…

  • Eager to learn and experiment with (a lot) cool stuff
  • Smart (with a great sense of humor, and who likes long walks on the beach),
  • Comfortable with Web and mobile technologies. You don’t have to be a programmer, but some basic HTML skills would be a plus (we’ll teach you otherwise),
  • Native Chinese speaker and fluent in English you can write interesting, compelling copy (you don’t have to be Shakespeare)
  • Not afraid to share your ideas, and are comfortable working in a team
  • A problem solver who also likes to work with a bunch of them
  • Not completely color blind, we like to design beautiful products and experiences
  • Familiar with online marketing tools and approaches, think analytics (Google Analytics and A/B testing), newsletters (Drip), social media (WeChat/Weibo), SEO…