Mobile Developer

Come hack on iOS and Android

Tired of writing yet another “Yo app”?

You’re starting a new project and you’re hopeful that this time you’ll get to build something unique. But you already know that it’s probably not gonna happen. You’re stuck building yet another disposable app for a client nobody has heard off and you have literally no time to obsess over the details.

You wish you were actually able to build something useful, not yet another marketing stunt. You’d also like time to polish your tech and design chops.

How would it be different working with us?

  1. Building cool things that have an impact; we build really impressive things for the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN… And when we’re not busy building software to run the Myanmar elections, or designing the next generation of mobile apps for a leading company in F&B for their chinese market, we work on our own products (,, SweepBoard, ClassyDocs…).
  2. Growing your skills. Our team is always experimenting with new things and open to change when it makes sense. Feel like looking into iBeacon or Apple Watch development? Knock yourself out. Actually we’ll even get the friggin’ watch for you.
  3. Opportunities to contribute back to Open Source. Most of us are contributing back to projects, sending PR or simply publishing our own side projects. We also organize meetups and conferences, like JSConf China (over 650+ people showed up this year).

What we’d like you to have…

  • Mad skillz with iOS and/or Android (duh!). Our team is pretty tech agnostic but we’re more often than not working on Web apps and APIs, with lots of Javascript (node.js, React, D3.js…), but also Python, Golang, … You’d be one of the leading developers on mobile.
  • Decent at designing UX and UI. We have our sh*t together when it comes to designing products, but we sometimes need people to improvise without the help of a designer.
  • Eager to learn and experiment. There’s rarely a dull moment at the office, we’re constantly trying out new tools and framework. If you like to learn and grow your skills, you’ll love working with us.
  • Is all about shipping and getting things done. We’re increasingly distributed, with offices in Berlin, Washington DC and Shanghai. We’re a no-nonsense type of team; we invest heavily in asynchronous communications and let actions speak for themselves.