Project Manager

Help our team to goddamn ship

Tired of emailing spreadsheets around?

It’s Friday evening, you’re again stuck sending a status update to a bunch of people you know won’t read it. They’ll simply wait until the next meeting to be “brought up to speed”. That’d be fine if they weren’t insisting on you sending these damn status updates every few days.

And that’s without taking into account the feature creep coming from your client and lack of visibility from your own team. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place…

What managing a project should be about

There are a very few things you should actually be focusing on:

  1. Managing expectations of both your client and your team.
  2. Un-blocking the team whenever somebody on either side of the table gets stuck.
  3. Mediating discussion between our team and the client’s. You’re not supposed to be reduce to a mindless drone, echo-ing the progress and questions of your team over to the client, and the other way around.

This means a few things:

  • You need transparent communications, with a team eager work with you and the client in the open.
  • You should be able to enforce some of your decisions when it comes to schedule, resources or scope.
  • You need the respect of your colleagues to help you get things done.

And that’s pretty much what we’re all about at Wiredcraft. Check for example how we transparently manage everything from HR and ordering post-its, to planning our projects with the whole team.

We want somebody who is…

  • Experienced at managing technical projects, preferably software (Web, mobile…),
  • Experienced at leading teams with work experience in real leadership roles,
  • Strong in project management methodologies and fundamentals and who has experience implementing processes from the ground up and adjusting them to fit the project,
  • Comfortable with Web and mobile technologies. You don’t have to be a programmer, but some basic HTML skills would be a plus (we’ll teach you otherwise),
  • Detail driven, you should be the one catching subtle mistakes before we push things in production,
  • A good communicator, and is able to empathize with both our colleagues and our clients,
  • Fluent in business English: you don’t need to be Shakespeare, but you’ll be writing and talking to clients on a daily basis,
  • Not completely color blind, we like to design beautiful things and you should be able to appreciate that,
  • Smart (with a great sense of humor, and who likes long walk on the beach),
  • Eager to learn (a lot),
  • Not afraid of leading and getting sh*t done.