Quality Assurance Intern

We build great stuff, come and break it

Learn the jedi ways of quality assurance.

You are interested in breaking into the technology industry, but you aren’t an expert. You breezed through your software testing course at university, and you want a part-time job to make some money.

You really enjoy breaking things and you are interested in security, performance and optimization. You just haven’t got your foot in the door, yet. You want to be mentored, and learn while doing.

Carpe Diem. Join us as our software QA intern and try new sh*t out.

What you deserve

  1. Flexible hours, paid part-time position,
  2. The opportunity (and time) to improve your craft and acquire new skills - in QA, web design or development,
  3. Support from our project manager and team, you won’t be alone. You’ll have an open and comfortable space to ask questions and experienced practitioners to guide your personal development,
  4. Freedom to research new methodologies and best practices for QA, and you’ll have the time and space to test it out.
  5. Someone who cares about you. Competitive Salary, Quarterly Salary Reviews. Benefits include weekly team lunch, biquarterly team buildings, gym membership, yearly health checkups, 200RMB monthly metro credit, and more…

Who are we looking for?

We’d like to find somebody who is…

  • familiar with various OSs and devices. You’re not a luddite, you’ve swiped and pinched on iOS and Android, and you’ve clicked around on OS X and Windows.
  • interested in troubleshooting. People call you when things go wrong and you’ve done some network troubleshooting for your crazy aunt.
  • open to learning and experimenting. There’s rarely a dull moment at the office, you’ll be constantly trying out new methodologies and best practices. If you like to learn and grow your skills, you’ll love working with us; we encourage our colleagues to become T-shaped.
  • all about shipping and getting things done. We’re increasingly distributed, with offices in Berlin, Washington DC and Shanghai. We’re a no-nonsense type of team; we invest heavily in asynchronous communications and let actions speak for themselves.
  • eagle-eyed and doesn’t give up, you can pay close attention to details on security, performance and optimization.
  • a native Chinese speaker but is comfortable working in an English speaking environment
  • eligible to work in China without visa assistance