Help us run infrastructure for millions

Tired of fixing other people’s mess?

Tired of having the latest release dropped on you to be deployed in prod right before everybody gets off for the weekend? How do you like being the one making things work on production when “it works fine on my local”? And don’t you love being the only one dealing with the app crashing at 2:00 AM on Saturday? How about the 10th time you re-install that d*mn box?

How about automating everything, as-in, automate yourself out of work?!

You deserve a lot more…

  1. Help and respect from the rest of the team. You shouldn’t be the only one able to deploy code. Actually, it should be automated, but developers should have a sense of where to look when things break.
  2. The opportunity to do the right thing, with the right tech. You need time to learn about new tools, and time to script or automate things. We use a lot of Python, Golang,Ansible and Docker, but we’d be thrilled if you could challenge our position and help us invest in our future stack.
  3. Having a say in how things are built. If you’re gonna help with designing the infrastructure our software runs on, you should be part of the discussion right from the beginning, before developers even write a single line of code.
  4. Work that has an impact. May this be managing the voter information for 30 million people or helping the biggest electronic manufacturer get their sh*t together, we’re not the kind of team to work on yet another “yo app”.

What you’d be doing with us

You would work directly with Vincent, our beloved infrastructure tzar, mostly on sysadmin/Ops/DevOps stuff:

  • Help design architectures to support things like the electoral software for the Myanmar elections (not kidding); or ensure the app of your favorite coffee maker is up and running no matter what, letting you purchase that grand Latte you so well deserved since 10am!
  • Automate the heck out of anything that comes near one of your servers (with Python, shell and Ansible, or anything that gets the job done).
  • Monitor all the things! with top of the line monitoring solutions.
  • Knock some goddam sense into the developers. Our team gives a damn about performance and not burning servers down. We automate what we can and make the rest accessible, most of the team ends up running things themselves on servers at one point or another.
  • Help troubleshooting (sh*t happens and not everybody is a *NIX god).
  • Innovate, bring new tools to the team or simply help shape best practices that our team should adopt.

We’re looking for somebody who is….

  • Smart & eager to learn (a lot) (with a great sense of humor, and who likes long walk on the beach),
  • Has strong Ops chops. You know your way inside-out and can investigate server issues the eyes closed. The servers get scared and fix themselves when you show up. But also strong scripting (python, shell), monitoring (zabbix, influxdata, prometheus, collectd), logging (logstash, statsd), automation (ansible, salt) skills and familiar with containers (docker, registry, k8s, etc.)
  • Interested in automating yourself out of work. We’re pretty anal about scripting as much of what we do on servers. We hope you are too and understand it’s the best way to free you up to work on more interesting things.
  • Up to date with modern practices. We mentioned DevOps (I know), but we’d like you to be on top of things like continuous integration, continuous testing, immutable infrastructure, microservices…
  • Comfortable with Web and mobile technologies. We like our developers to know how the servers running their code are set up, similarly we want Ops folks to understand what developers are building (DevOps FTW).
  • Not afraid to experiment and yes, sometimes, burn an AWS instance (or 10).

Don’t sweat it if you’re not a perfect match: we don’t mind teaching you as long as you care about getting sh*t done and want to work on interesting challenges.