Web & Mobile Designer

Come design Web & mobile apps

Enough with “make my logo bigger”

You’ve been refining your design chops for years, spending God knows how many nights perfecting some mockups in Sketch or Illustrator. You doodle like there’s no tomorrow; come to think of it, your Moleskine may be your best friend. You can whip out a UI for an app blindfolded, with one hand on the back of an iPad. You meditation consists of coffee and Dribbble or Designer News.

And yet, you’re stuck designing half-assed apps and making the logo bigger ™ for clients who don’t know diddly squat about design, with a dev team who doesn’t value your input.

Or maybe you simply don’t have a job yet.

What you deserve buddy

  1. More responsibilities: your job doesn’t end at Sketch or Illustrator. Your input should be sought through the whole design and development process.
  2. Work that actually means something, building products that solve real problems (aka not another “Yo app”).
  3. The opportunity (and time) to improve your craft and acquire new skills, may this be programming complex data visualizations with D3.js or foosball.

We’re looking for somebody who…

  • Can design Web & mobile apps
  • Knows their tools inside out, may this be Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch, or whatever else you feel like using really,
  • Can quickly wireframe their ideas with a pen and some paper,
  • Loves finding the perfect balance of colors, typography and space,
  • Can explain their design choices to others,
  • Understands UI & UX,
  • Has a good understanding of what HTML, CSS and JS can do,
  • Eager to learn and experiment (a lot),
  • Gets sh*t done.