Backend Developer

Build microservices for our products

Tired of the same old, sh*tty stack?

You desperately want to play with the cool new things like Node.js or Golang. As soon as you’re home, you fire up your editor and start playing with the latest framework you heard of on Hacker News.

At work, you’re left maintaining an aging PHP codebase. Every suggestion you make for using something more up to date is met with resistance from colleagues who don’t feel like learning new things. You built a couple proof of concepts but they never made it to production.

Stop wasting your time, quit your job!

Why even bother when you could be working with an awesome team on challenging projects? Join us and have a blast:

  1. You’ll use the latest technologies, from Node.js to Golang, or whatever else works for you. We’re always experimenting with new things and open to change when it makes sense. For example, we started working with Node.js in 2011 and React in 2013. We also use tons of current tools like Docker.
  2. You’ll get to work on Open Source. Most of us are contributing back to projects, sending PR or simply publishing our own side projects. We also organize meetups and conferences, like JSConf China (over 650+ people showed up this year).
  3. You’ll build awesome sh*t; we build really impressive things for the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN… And when we’re not busy doing Big data work for USAID or building the next generation of mobile apps for a very big player in F&B, we work on our own products (,, SweepBoard, ClassyDocs…).

Who are we looking for?

We’d like to find somebody who:

  • Loves working with Node.js, Golang or Python (or all of that). We build microservices with LoopBack, write Android apps with Kotlin and Python apps with Tornado to name a few. Our front-end folks are also obsessed with Javascript, may this be React, D3.js or AngularJS.
  • Understands how to build loosely coupled architectures. We have our sh*t together when it comes to designing products and are similarly smart with our software. We like to use the right tool for the right job, preferring loosely coupled microservices rather than large bloated apps. We leverage Docker and get to tackle very complicated challenges.
  • Likes to learn and experiment. There’s rarely a dull moment at the office, we’re constantly trying out new tools and framework. If you like to learn and grow your skills, you’ll love working with us; we encourage our colleagues to become T-shaped.
  • Is all about shipping and getting things done. We’re increasingly distributed, with offices in Berlin, Washington DC and Shanghai. We’re a no-nonsense type of team; we invest heavily in asynchronous communications and let actions speak for themselves.